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About My Lovely Life! Part. 3

A 4 part series.


Our Sweet Ginny

It was a bone-chilling, snowy night. Colton and I were out with friends, and I got the call, Kimber was going into labor. It was a Friday, December 16th, at about 6 pm, and we made our way over to our friend’s house.

We walk into the door, and there Kimber was. I could tell she was in pain after just giving birth to one of the puppies. We weren’t able to make it for the first puppy to be born. Kimber gave birth to a female just as we were settling in, and we put an adorable, little pink collar on this one. She was so tiny, the smallest one born yet. She wasn’t even the size of my hand when I held her to wipe her off. I noticed a small white spot on her chest as well as a little white spot on her back right foot. I thought to my self, I will call her little pink, and from that moment on, I knew she was mine.

Ginny 11 days old

Little Pink and the teal color collar were the smallest puppies. I knew I wanted pink because I was obsessed with the white marking on her chest. I could feel a powerful connection with her the day she was born, and I could not wait to bring her home.

I was able to watch her grow from the day she was born until she was old enough to come home with me. We struggled to find the perfect name for our little girl. We were getting to know her spunky personality, and she needed something that was going to be absolutely perfect for her. We went back and forth between Penny and Ginny.

We decided that because they are Ginger dogs and we are big Harry Potter fans, Ginny (short for Ginger) was the perfect name for her. ginballinmouth

Ginny is that she is the first female dog that I have ever owned. She is sweet, sensitive, and so, so very loyal. Gin loves to carry socks, sticks, and whatever else she can find in her mouth. She enjoys saying hello to every person that walks in the door, and telling you some wet secrets, too.

She is always attached to me by the hip. Wherever I go, she goes. She is my little diva, for sure. ginprincess

Ginny loves raw dog food, cuddling with Jack, and getting treats for being a good girl!


Ginny has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I never feel lonely or unloved while this little girl is with me.

Tuffy Ocean Creature Jr Fish Orange

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